Backyard Tree-Potting Party

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May 17th, 2017, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Swishwash Island Nature Sanctuary, Richmond, British Columbia
Habitat Restoration

Join us for a backyard potting party, as we prep some Douglas-fir seedlings for a planting on Swishwash Island in the fall!

Please note: This stage of the planting will be held in Richmond, in one of our volunteers’ backyard! 🙂 Address TBA.

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More Information

About Swishwash Island Nature Sanctuary, Richmond

Swishwash Island is a private nature sanctuary owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. It is a small beacon of biodiversity located in the middle arm of the Fraser River Estuary which is one of the most productive estuaries in the world.

Swishwash Island was donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada by BC Packers Ltd. in 1999. Located next to the Vancouver International Airport, the island serves as a small yet important sanctuary for fish, birds and wildlife in an otherwise highly developed area.

What you will be doing

The West Coast Stewardship team is looking for a few motivated individuals to join us for a morning of transplanting Douglas-fir seedlings to pots, in preparation for their trip to Swishwash Island in the fall for planting. We'll be having a backyard planting party at the home of our dedicated Swishwash Island caretaker. Everyone is welcome!

Why you will love it

Spend a couple hours with NCC staff and volunteers and contribute to some of the behind-the-scenes stewardship efforts that make our organization tick. We are always greatly appreciative of the volunteers who help us power through these labour-intensive, yet essential tasks. You are helping us get these trees one step closer to their permanent home on Swishwash Island. Good company, tea, and snacks guaranteed!


Contact Melanie Kuzyk:

Please Note
People of all fitness levels can participate
Running water and flush toilets
All tools will be provided by NCC
Water and snacks will be provided
Item Checklist

While we do our best to provide you with the tools you need to participate, please bring the following items if you have them:

  • Dress for weather
  • Raingear, if necessary
  • Close-toed footwear
  • Your favourite pair of gardening gloves (we have extras)
  • Water
  • Any necessary medications