Getting rid of the (Buck)Thorn in our sides

Event Details

September 16th, 2017, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Elbow Lake - Loughborough Wilderness Block, Ontario
Habitat Restoration

NCC staff need your help removing a rather threatening thorn in our sides, the invasive Buckthorn! This small shrub/tree has found its way into the forests of NCC’s Elbow Lake property, and we are working to remove it to ensure native species continue to thrive.

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More Information

About Elbow Lake – Loughborough Wilderness Block

Loughborough Wilderness Block is a group of NCC properties located in the heart of the Frontenac Arch Natural Area and provides key habitat connectivity. The properties are situated between two existing core protected areas within the Natural Area – the Frontenac Provincial Park and Queen’s University Biology Station– and feature extremely rugged terrain characteristic of the Frontenac Arch with high domed granite and metamorphic ridges with deep wooded valleys, and lowland and shoreline wetlands including beaver ponds, marshes, wooded swamps and bogs. These properties support a multitude of species at risk including Eastern Whip-poor-will, Eastern Ratsnake, and the Five-lined Skink among others.

What you will be doing

Buckthorn is an invasive plant originally brought to North America in the 1880s as an ornamental shrub and was readily planted as fence-rows and windbreaks along agricultural fields. It is very versatile and thrives in a number of different habitats, threatening our native species by shading out plants and even altering the soil chemistry, making it difficult for native species to grow and survive. You will help NCC staff to combat this widely spreading, invasive shrub!

Why you will love it

By hand-pulling Buckthorn, you can help ensure that the beautiful native plants and birds continue to flourish in the forest of the Elbow Lake Property.


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Please Note

No previous experience is required. This event will proceed rain or shine, so please dress for the conditions: wear sturdy closed-toe shoes, long pants with long socks (there are ticks on this property), comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting dirty, and a hat. Additional event details, including directions and parking instructions, will be provided after registration. *New in 2017* Attend two NCC Conservation Volunteer events in 2017, and at your second event, you will receive this awesome NCC buff. It’s great for protection from the sun, bugs, cold, rain, and dare we say it’s also great for looking fabulous in the field!

People of all fitness levels can participate
Running water and flush toilets
Carpooling can be arranged
Water and snacks will be provided
Item Checklist

While we do our best to provide you with the tools you need to participate, please bring the following items if you have them:

  • Close-toed footwear
  • Long pants
  • Long shirt
  • Layers of clothing (light sweater and jacket)
  • Sun hat
  • Raingear
  • 1 Litre of water in a reusable bottle
  • Lunch