Thistle Be Fun

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July 13th, 2017, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Clifford E. Lee Property (Devon), Alberta
Habitat Restoration

Care to join us? “Thistle” only take a minute! Join us as we head to Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary to continue our ongoing control of invasive thistle. Take part in this fun-filled day of invasive species control , tidying the trails, and bad puns, to help ensure Clifford E. Lee remains a sanctuary for native plants and wildlife!

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More Information

About Clifford E. Lee Property (Devon)

This historic nature sanctuary protects 134 hectares (331 ac.) of wetlands, open meadows and aspen parklands, providing habitat to species such as common yellowthroat, wood frog, white tailed-deer and mountain bluebirds. Located 33 km southwest from Edmonton’s city centre, the area offers endless wildlife viewing opportunities, with boardwalks and connected trails winding throughout the sanctuary. As a family-friendly environment, the Clifford E. Lee nature sanctuary is open to nature navigators of all skill levels!

What you will be doing

Join forces with NCC and Lee Nature Sanctuary Society to remove invasive creeping thistle and sow thistle, and prevent it from taking over the native plant communities. Working in teams, we’ll spread out across the open meadow of the property to pull any new thistle sprouts before they have a chance to go to seed. We’ll also take time to clear encroaching vegetation from the boardwalk system so the way is clear for sanctuary visitors.

Why you will love it

Not only will you spend the day among the forests, meadows and wetlands of Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary, in keeping with tradition we’ll also be serving up a round of appetizers made from edible invasive species for all to enjoy. Recipes will be provided, so you can make your favourites at home! Dandelion chips anyone?


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Please Note

All tools and equipment will be provided, along with drinks and snacks. Please bring a lunch with you. Additional information will be sent to you after you have registered for the event. Event will go rain or shine.

People of all fitness levels can participate
Out house/ bearbox
Carpooling can be arranged
All tools will be provided by NCC
Water and snacks will be provided

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DUCs is a proud sponsor of NCC
Lee Nature Sanctuary Society is a partner of NCC

Item Checklist

While we do our best to provide you with the tools you need to participate, please bring the following items if you have them:

  • Close-toed footwear
  • Long pants
  • Long shirt
  • Layers of clothing (light sweater and jacket)
  • Sun hat
  • Rain gear
  • 1 Litre of water in a reusable bottle
  • Lunch
  • Any necessary medications