Decodon, pontederia and buttonbush (Photo by Caroline Tanguay/NCC)

Decodon, pontederia and buttonbush (Photo by Caroline Tanguay/NCC)

Kelly Ranches

Purchased in 2009, the Kelly Ranches property lies within the Pine Lake Moraine, a regional environmentally significant area (ESA) known for its discontinuous aspen parkland, diversity of breeding birds, waterfowl habitat, and rare plants.

This property was a high priority to conserve, due to it’s size and proximity to Pine Lake. Approximately 5% of the Central Parkland remains in native vegetation and less than 1% is protected.

Found in knob and kettle typography, Kelly Ranches has been shaped by the glaciers that moved through this area creating its ephemeral ponds and wetlands. These wetlands support a diversity of waterfowl and wildlife, like Mule deer, White-tailed deer, and Moose who all use this property as a movement corridor. Evidence of American Badgers is also present on the property.

NCC acquired the Kelly Ranches property with the assistance of the Government of Canada’s Natural Areas Conservation Program (NACP), a unique public-private partnership to accelerate the pace of land conservation across southern Canada.