Decodon, pontederia and buttonbush (Photo by Caroline Tanguay/NCC)

Decodon, pontederia and buttonbush (Photo by Caroline Tanguay/NCC)

Marsh property

The Marsh conservation property covers 3,000 acres (1,224 hectares) of land along the slopes of Birds Eye Butte, just 1.5 kilometers east of the Waterton Lakes National Park boundary.

From scenic springs to fabulous foothills, the property is home to a diversity of plants, including rare species like Mountain Lady’s-slipper. Not only is the area prime habitat for large carnivores like grizzly bear, several iconic bird species such as red-tailed hawk, sandhill crane, and even long-billed curlew have been spotted on the property.

Thanks to the vision of our partners and the long-term commitment of area ranchers, more than 100 square kilometres (32,000 acres/13,000 hectares) of the stunning landscape bordering Waterton Lakes National Park, including this property, have been protected as conservation lands forever.