Wildlife Wander

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts! If you want to improve habitat conditions in the Crowsnest Pass, and learn more about local wildlife along the way, then this is the event for you! We will start the day off with a walk of the stunning Bohomolec Ranch, looking for evidence of wildlife. Our walk will eventually lead us to a […]

Poppy Barley Volunteer Day

Get to know your co-workers a little better as you work side by side and “leaf” your troubles behind by joining the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for a day of hands-on conservation in the Jim Prentice Wildlife Corridor! We will venture down to this stunning area of the province and help make the area […]

Bioblitz the Biosphere

Celebrate Biosphere Day in the Beaver Hills by helping us collect valuable data on one of our newest conservation properties! We need all hands on deck to identify as many species as possible on the property. This data will be used to inform future management on the property. We will be providing free bus transport […]

The Birds and the Bees 2019

It’s time for our annual nest box check up at Gambling Lake! Join us to help monitor the bird and bee nesting boxes installed on this property. The underground bee and nest boxes were assembled and installed by volunteers in 2016. Come on out and help us learn more about what species call this property home! If you’d […]

Going Bat-ty

Batty for bats? Or maybe you just want to learn a bit more about these seemingly mysterious creatures of the night? Join us for a night walk on the beautiful Hicks property. With the guidance of a bat expert from the Alberta Community Bat Program, we will be walking the property monitoring for bats! If you’d like to carpool […]

Golden Berry Baker

Calling all berry fanatics! Get ready to roll (some barbed wire) and rank the best berry desserts! Get your hands dirty by helping us remove a fence line that is restricting wildlife movement and stay to judge which great berry dessert will win this year’s Berry Bake Off. Who will be crowned the Golden Berry […]

Bringing it Down at Birdseye- NEW DATE

Take a journey down to the scenic Birdseye Ranch and help reduce wildlife barriers in the Waterton natural area. Together we will remove a stretch of old barbed wire fence on the property and enjoy some scenic views. Wherever possible the Nature Conservancy of Canada works to remove unnecessary infrastructure to reduce hazards to wildlife. The day coincides with the Waterton Wildlife […]

Knockout the Knapweed

Spend the day in the scenic Waterton park front helping us knock out some knapweed! This invasive species has an iron grip on the local ecosystem and we need your help to get it back under control and give native plants an edge on their foreign competition. If you’d like to carpool to the event, please click here. […]

Weed Need a Hand

Come lend a hand as we prepare our newest Nature Destination to be opened to the public! We’ll be working hard to ensure the property is clean and safe for visitors. Afterwards, we’ll wrap things up with an educational tour of the Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site! If you’d like to carpool, please click here. Every little part helps!

Trek into Blind Canyon

Come on out for a stunning hike and help with some much needed weed-removal in Blind Canyon! With the Castle Crown Wilderness Coalition, a few beautiful horses and many friendly faces, we’ll be trekking about an hour up-hill to access the affected site. Our main efforts will be focused on Burdock, an especially stubborn, invasive weed. Get out into nature and help us give native plants an edge on their […]