Ramped up for Restoration at Meeting Lake

Get outside and get active in the helping us plant a variety of tree and shrub seedlings to restore habitat at meeting lake! This property has previously been cleared of trees and other vegetation and is suffering from fragmentation and loss of wetlands. Meeting Lake is located within the Boreal Transition Ecoregion, where grassland, shrubland […]

Thunder Creek Restoration with SaskWater

As the transitional zones surrounding streams, shore lines and wetlands, healthy riparian areas play an important role in an ecosystem. They provide habitat for wildlife, filter nutrients and sediment, and reduce erosion. Riparian vegetation also provides shade, which lowers water temperatures and increases dissolved oxygen levels, benefitting aquatic organisms. With SaskWater‘s support, SaskWater employees and NCC staff will plant 200 native shrubs […]

Volunteer Day with Vermilion Energy

Get to know your co-workers a little better as you work side by side with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for a day of hands-on conservation work in the prairies! We’ll venture out to one of our new properties, Hole in the Wall, in the Big Muddy Valley to remove a downed fence line. This […]

Shorebird Tour with Chaplin Nature Centre

The Chaplin Nature Centre is a world-renowned interpretive facility that is dedicated to the protection of critical shorebird habitat and migratory shorebirds. As part of the Chaplin Nature Centre’s 22nd Annual Shorebird Festival and Fundraiser, join us as we survey the area for birds of all kind to help contribute to international population trend data, […]

Saving the Sage Grouse

Two years ago, our staff confirmed the presence of Greater Sage-grouse on one of our newest properties in the heart of Saskatchewan’s grasslands, Wideview! In partnership with Grasslands National Park, join us in our quest to make fencing on this property more wildlife-friendly and visible to species at risk like sage-grouse, by installing visibility markers […]

Campout for Conservation

Come on down to our stunning southwestern ranch, Old Man on His Back, for a weekend of native prairie fun all in the name of conservation! Every year we head out to this ranch for a weekend of activities, including campfires, star gazing, wildlife watching, and meeting new friends! If you enjoy spending time outdoors, […]

Native Seed Collection

Get your hands dirty as we collect native seeds from the May property to help supply current and future restoration projects on numerous other NCC properties across Saskatchewan. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to keep seeds for themselves to use in their own native prairie gardens! If you’re interested in carpooling to the property […]

Range and Forest Health Assessments

Take part in range and forest health assessments at our Asquith 2 property! Whether you are a professional, a student, or have never conducted health assessments before, this is the perfect opportunity to learn or brush up on valuable field skills. The data collected at this event will serve as health information for conservation planning […]

Hole in the Wall Bioblitz

Be a citizen scientist for a day! NCC needs your help identifying species on one of our newest properties located in southern Saskatchewan, Hole in the Wall. Identifying species helps us create a baseline inventory so that we can create a property management plan. We will learn how to use iNaturalist, a smartphone application, to […]

Milkweed for Monarchs – Hospitality for Royalty

Come out and help us plant over 250 milkweed plugs on Big Valley as part of our restoration plan for this property! Monarch butterflies are listed as an Endangered species in Canada and milkweed plants are the only food that the larvae of these butterflies can eat. Milkweed is critical to the life cycle of […]