Everybirdy Deserves a Home

Contribute to the conservation efforts of Tree Swallows and Mountain Bluebirds by helping to install bird houses at our Fairy Hill property! Tree swallow populations have declined as a result of changes in climate and a decrease in their main food source; insects, due to the use of pesticides. Mountain Bluebird populations have recently rebounded […]

Ramped up for Restoration

Take part in the restoration of Meeting Lake 3 by helping us plant a variety of tree seedlings! This property has previously been cleared of trees and other vegetation and is suffering from fragmentation and loss of wetlands. Meeting Lake is located within the Boreal Transition Ecoregion, the area consists of diverse grassland, shrubland and […]

Tracking Down Winter Wildlife at Fairy Hill!

Tap into your inner sleuth and join us as we become detectives and learn snow tracking skills to survey for winter wildlife at Fairy Hill! Joining us will be Diana Ghikas with Environment and Climate Change Canada and Philip Brass from Peepeekisis First Nation to teach us their tracking skills! Volunteers will learn how to identify winter […]

Craven Christmas Bird Count

Get outside with NCC this winter as we join forces with the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and help complete the Craven survey routes! The Craven Christmas Bird Count is just one of many that will be happening across North America this winter. Learn more about the CBC project here. We will get to see NCC’s Big […]

Shell Lake Christmas Bird Count

Join us for NCC’s 2nd Annual Shell Lake Christmas Bird Count (CBC), just one of many that will be happening across North America this winter! Learn more about the CBC project here. We will travel by vehicle throughout a portion of the count circle and record the birds that we see along the way. Saskatchewan CBC’s also document […]

Getting into the Christmas Spirit at Messier!

Whether you have always cut your own Christmas tree, or have been thinking about doing it for the first time this year, this is the perfect time to grab your tree and help out nature. Come select your own spruce tree to chop down and take home as your Christmas tree! Previous landowners planted spruce […]

SaskEnergy Explores Fairy Hill!

Join the SaskEnergy Gen E group in an effort to help knock down common burdock, an aggressive invasive species that out-competes native plant species and poses a threat to wildlife! Burs from common burdock can become entangled in the wings of birds and bats, and inhibit their movement. By joining forces, we’ll take care of the burdock […]

Rollin’ it Up at Edenwold!

Join us on NCC’s Edenwold property to help remove old fencing! Over the last few years, volunteers have been hard at work removing fencing from the property. Old fences provide a danger to wildlife and a potential barrier to movement between areas. If you enjoy spending time outdoors and want some hands-on stewardship experience then […]

Keeping it Clean at Shoe Lake

Join the troop at our Shoe Lake West property, located in the Missouri Coteau. Shoe Lake is a saline marsh that is a hot spot for waterfowl shorebird activity! There are garbage piles and debris that need to be removed to help get this property back to its’ full intended glory. Debris can be dangerous […]

Saving the Sage Grouse at Wideview!

Last year, NCC staff confirmed the presence of Greater Sage-grouse on one of our newest properties in the heart of Saskatchewan’s grasslands, Wideview! Join NCC in our quest to make fencing on this property more wildlife-friendly and visible to species at risk like sage-grouse, by installing visibility markers on the fence lines. Wherever we can, […]